Learn All About Vintage Porcelain Signs

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How To Recognize The Original Sign

On every door located in shops and all other public facilities, push and pull signs are placed. Today, these are the most common stickers, but porcelain signs were also used in the past. Today they are a real rarity and therefore represent a challenge for many collectors. To find out more about them, you can look at screen door push bar vintage.

Porcelain is a specific material that is very durable and resistant to impact and wear. However, if it is slightly damaged, it can crack and wear out very quickly.

Porcelain signs are most popular with door sign collectors and can be very expensive. The letters on these signs are raised.

Screen Door Push Bar Vintage

Every collector wants to buy an original sign and therefore a good knowledge of porcelain is necessary. Vintage collectors can determine whether a sign was actually made many years ago or was recently made in China. If you are a beginner, it is best to buy from verified sites like ours, as we verify the authenticity of each sign before we put it up for sale.

The prices of authentic signs can vary a lot, depending on the preservation of the sign, on the making of the sign itself, as well as on the quantity that was made. Those signs that were produced in small series are much more expensive than those that were made in a large number of pieces.

In order to buy an original sign, consult with experienced collectors and be sure to visit our website, where on the screen door push bar vintage, you can find out everything related to these signs.