Priority 1 For Family Protection

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Dogs Adapted To The Home Environment

Family protection is everyone’s priority. The safety and security of all family members can be ensured by Priority 1.

Violence is increasing in all parts of the world. That is why it is necessary to provide maximum protection to your family. Alarm systems can protect your house, but family members can be best protected by specially trained dogs, who will not only be protectors, but also your faithful friends.

We train dogs of different breeds, so if you are not a fan of German Shepherds that are usually trained, you can find a breed that would suit you. We train all our dogs in a home environment, so they are used to life in the house with all family members. They will always be friendly towards each member and will always be ready to play, but also always ready to react to the slightest danger.

Priority 1

If you have a big house and a big property, you can get the best protection from our specially trained dog who can sense any irregularity happening on your property. It will react immediately and provide you with complete protection.

The training is carried out by our employees in their homes and on their properties, so that each dog can easily adapt to your house and your property. For the first few days, the dog’s trainer will come to you, until the dog gets to know the new environment and the new family. It will tell you which commands to use in certain situations. After this, you will have a friend for all time and most importantly, the protection you need.

If you want to sit quietly in your home and have your children play carefree in your yard, Priority 1 is the ideal solution for you.